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Tattoo Pain Chart

A common question that is asked, “Does getting a tattoo hurt?” Most people will say yes, however, this is a complex question to answer.

Tattooing involves repetitively piercing your skin’s top layer with a sharp needle covered with pigment. So, getting a tattoo is painful, but people may experience different levels of pain.

Those who are biologically male tend to experience and cope with pain differently from those who are biologically female. additionally, the various parts of the body experience different levels of pain as well.

There is no scientific evidence that states which areas of the body will feel the most and least pain when getting tattooed but there is plenty of hearsay information from people in the tattoo industry.

We all experience pain in different ways. The placement of your tattoo, as well as what your sex is, can affect that pain. Here is a subjective look at the most and least painful places to get tattooed.

Most painful

It’s likely most painful to get a tattoo on a part of your body with many nerve endings, close to bones without much fat, or where your skin is very thin. Pain in these areas may be high.

Least painful

Areas that likely cause the least amount of pain when tattooed tend to be padded with some fat, have tight skin, have few nerve endings, and aren’t close to bones. Pain in these areas may be low.

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