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Trash Polka Style

There are many aspects of a Trash Polka tattoo that make it distinctive, but the one thing that most of them have in common is that they’re created with just black and red ink. Not every black and red tattoo is going to be a Trash Polka piece. However, those two colors together will make it easier to pick out a true Trash Polka tattoo. Most of the tattoo is usually in black and grey, and then the red is used to make specific elements stand out or to give it a unique effect. This style of artwork is that they are one-part realism, one-part trash. Imagine taking a fantastic black and white photograph and throwing a little bit of red paint at it and you’ll have something similar to the Trash Polka style. Trash Polka tattoo designs can go in any direction that you want them to. Merging beauty with the chaotic or using the style with a specific image that you’ve always wanted. I am generally trying to show different elements clashing in some way. This style is for those looking for a new, bold design option. There is a pretty good chance that they will like the way that the Trash Polka style looks.

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