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Second Skin and tattoo aftercare

What is Second Skin, how Second Skin works and how to apply and remove a Second Skin.

It’s a bandage that acts as another layer of skin to protect the tattoo that’s underneath it. Second Skin allows oxygen to reach the tattoo even when it’s under the bandage. Oxygen is vital for the healing process. The idea was initially used to heal severe burns but later became famous for their use in protecting tattoos. A second skin shields your tattoo from the outside world. While this extra layer is present, your body begins to heal. It quickly forms its protective layer of skin over the top of your tattoo. This means, when you peel off the artificial second skin, your tattoo is protected by a naturally formed layer. A second skin also acts as a barrier to germs and bacteria, protecting your tattoo at its most vulnerable stage.

To Apply

Clean: Clean your tattoo and allow it to air-dry

Trim: Use scissors to crop the second skin to size so that it covers your tattoo. You can make it a bit bigger to also protect the skin around the tattoo

Separate: Remove the plastic to reveal the adhesive

Positioning: Position it — adhesive side down — over your tattoo and press gently

Remove bubbles: Make sure it’s adequately stuck, and remove any air bubbles that might’ve formed

Remove backing: Peel off the backing, the same as you would do for a plaster

To Remove

Test an edge: Pick an edge of the bandage and peel it away. If it’s difficult to remove, try taking a warm shower to help reduce the stickiness

Remove slowly: Pull the second skin off slowly. It’s very similar to removing a plaster. If you pull too quickly, it’s going to sting. You might also damage the new layer of skin underneath. Just go slowly, and you’ll be fine.

Clean: Make sure you wash your tattoo carefully after removing the bandage and apply moisturizer.

You can leave a second skin on for as long as it feels comfortable to you. Most people remove it after three to four days. The same bandage shouldn’t be worn for longer than seven days. Second skins are great, but they aren’t miracle workers. In areas that bend or flex, they don’t last as long as areas that stay still.

REMEMBER – Tattoo aftercare is extremely important, and good quality healing is vital for ensuring a vibrant outcome for your new tattoo.

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